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September 15, 2011

Going Home, Excerpt: Moon (6/XII)

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Chapter 6 ~ Moon

Drawing these circles and editing our scripts involves taking a new look at the world around us. This doesn’t just mean our neighborhood. We have all kinds of communities – some big, some small. The only limits to the world we live in, Gran said, are the ones we place on ourselves. She was so excited that we were finally beginning to get it: To understand that we really are just a part of each other – a piece of one Whole.

Across our societies we’re redefining old ideas about community. People are reaching out to build community in ways this generation might not have considered before – like getting to know the mailman or the lady with the best hot peppers at the farmer’s market, even getting to know our neighbors after living in relative anonymity for years.

Community is so much more than just the people who live around you, Gran said. Sure, showing up with a goodie basket is a great thing – it makes us feel all fuzzy inside and helps new neighbors feel welcome in unfamiliar surroundings. But community can also mean the people you went to kindergarten with, the girls you play bridge with on Thursday nights, or the whole gang from your first job.

Each chapter of your life reveals different levels of community, and each has its own purpose, characters and lessons. Nowadays you can reconnect with people from each chapter just like it was last week, if you choose to do so. Or you can find a new community of those who share your dreams, your values, or your addiction to late night game boards – maybe even start one of your own – whatever speaks to you.[i]

I wish Gran had lived to see our social networking craze. She would have been amazed at the technique, but not at all surprised by the phenomenon – she knew this was coming. Whatever shape it was to take, Gran knew this was all just part of finding our tribes, because as we expand our circles and connect with new friends around the globe, our ideas about families, life, and the whole world will start growing, too.

Before long we’ll realize that all of us really are just part of one big family. It’s not about where you were born or where you went to school. It’s much more than that, and I find this oh-so-comforting wherever I wake up on this little planet. Even if all I can see is the moon, I can connect to my family by looking up, knowing that others are gazing at her brilliance and thinking very similar thoughts.

Goodnight, Moon, we all say, and the Family drifts off to sleep.


[i] “One who is at peace with herself will contribute spontaneously to establishing peace within her family, her neighborhood, and, circumstances permitting, society at large.” Mattieu Richard, in Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life’s Most Important Skill

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