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June 8, 2011

Going Home, Excerpt: Shooter (5/XII)

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Chapter 5 ~ Shooter
from Going Home, by Mary Batson

     Only one marble left: Gran’s prize, the big, yellow shooter. Balance.

     This must have been her favorite, ’cause Gran used to say that the highest state any individual could aspire to was balance – inside and out. Most helpful for accomplishing this was mindfulness. Just like her okra patch, Gran had been cultivating mindfulness for as long as I’d known her. She still had a ways to go, she said, but she got a little better at it each day, and that was the main point.

     There are many ways to think about balance. We can think about it in relationships, in maintaining healthy connections with all kinds of people. After all, no single relationship can ever meet all our needs for lover-sister-father-friend-and-entertainer-of-the-year. Or how about balance in the things we do for fun, for work, for our health, our education, even for our spirit – all the way down to seeking balance in our pocketbooks. We’ll want to balance all these areas, ‘cause each one is part of us.

     Gran looked at balance like a spider web we spin each day. We want to incorporate lots of different threads, ‘cause if we hang everything on just one line, our creation will collapse sooner or later, and until then we may feel like we’re walking a high wire. After all, there’s not just safety in numbers – there’s also stability. When we throw out one anchoring thread after another, reaching in all directions, our web will be strong enough to withstand all the storms of life.

     The ultimate balance, of course, isn’t about what’s going on around us. It isn’t even about our schedules. The truest form of balance, Gran said, is inside ourselves. Once you reach that point of inner stillness and listening, you could work twenty hours a day and still be in a good place, at least in the short-term. Until you find that place, you could weigh each activity and person on a scale to get things just right, and still be lost. As always, it isn’t so much what you do, as how you do it.

     Whatever we’re doing, now is the time to find this balance, Gran said, in our lives, our families, our planet, our universe. As we bring our worlds into harmony, this will create change. It’s like gold in a furnace. Anything that isn’t pure and whole will blaze up, then melt away, and all that’s left will shine a million times brighter.

     They say we’re made in the Light’s image, Gran would smile, and now we’re finding out why.


     Oh, wait… there’s one more marble in the bag… down in the bottom.

     Gran laughed when she pulled it out – it was her reminder marble, in case she ever forgot. This reminded her to pack one more thing: A photograph of home, so we’ll know what it looks like when we get there. Quick: Tuck it in the side pocket of your suitcase before you forget.

     And don’t forget your teddy bear, either. Everyone needs something fuzzy to hold on to now and then. Take good care of him, and if you come to a scary spot in the road, maybe he’ll turn into a full-grown grizzly and let you ride across on his shoulders. Nobody messes with a grizzly bear. And maybe, once you’re ready, you’ll carry him across on yours.

NEXT WEEK: Starting Chapter 6 ~~ Sharing Our Journey

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