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April 5, 2011

Going Home, Excerpt: Loose Ends (5/V)

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Chapter 5 ~ Loose Ends
from Going Home, by Mary Batson

Part of preparing for any journey includes wrapping up the loose ends of the one we’re on.

This step comes with its own form of guidance: Dreams. When we pay attention, our dreams serve as road signs, pointing the best direction, cautioning about bumps in the road and construction zones ahead. When we’re just getting started, these bumps can have a stronger effect, so it pays to be extra vigilant, to make sure we’ve got the best equipment possible and the best support team in place. This is not the time to skimp, Gran said.

Some dreams speak in symbols, but we know that language, if we’ll let ourselves remember it. Others are more concrete. Gran remembered when snippets of her childhood began bubbling up. A memory would rise to the surface and pop in her mind and all of a sudden she’d be back there somewhere. One morning she woke up remembering playing in front of the refrigerator. She could hear the hollow clang of the metal when she struck it with her toy, the thud as the fan kicked on, feel the cool door, the sting of the hot vent. Mom was sitting nearby, writing a letter. It was a cozy little corner, Gran said. Such a nice memory.

Our dreams point out things we’re ready to process and let go of, things we may have been holding on to or blocking out for a very long time. These memories will rise to the surface like beans in a big pot of stew. You know, the ones that stick to the bottom at first, then float to the top as we turn up the heat. We don’t need to worry about this ‘cause it’s actually a good sign that everything we’re doing is working, Gran said. Change is happening and we’re growing – and it’s almost lunch time.

Just like maps, Gran cautioned me to not to get too attached to any particular bean, ‘cause that could end up distracting me to the point I’d burn the rest of ‘em. But if I’d keep a watchful eye on them all, just stand back and let ‘em pop up, saying hello and goodbye as soon as I had a good idea of what each memory was all about, those beans would be done in no time.

When we’re ready to move forward, Gran believed we’d be guided in gently processing these memories. We don’t have to know how to do this ahead of time, we just have to be willing to do so, and the ways will present themselves. Most importantly, we want to welcome these dreams, because they’re part of letting go – we can’t let go of something we won’t even let ourselves remember.

Life is funny, Gran said. It’s almost like there’s Someone up there – or maybe even more than one – trying to help us on these journeys. Then she’d laugh. We all knew Gran didn’t think it might be that way. She knew. And that was pretty comforting.

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