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March 8, 2011

Going Home, Excerpt: Gran’s 3 P’s (5/I)

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Chapter 5 ~ Gran’s 3 P’s
from Going Home, by Mary Batson

Once we’ve figured out who we are, Gran said we’d be ready to start planning our next journey. The fact that we’re even thinking about taking this trip means we’re headed in the right direction. After all, we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be, feet firmly on our path, even when that’s kind of hard to see through the storms we sometimes find ourselves in. Gran’s tip: Watch for the lightning – it makes a good flashlight.

Gran called this next part her 3 P’s: planning, prepping, and packing. Picking a destination is part of planning, along with picking a map to guide you there and deciding how long you’ll be gone, who’ll watch the dog, and just who might be sitting in that seat next to you.

Preparing, on the other hand, includes things like tying loose ends and checking our luggage to make sure it’s totally empty. After all, if we inherited it from Great Aunt Agnes, there’s a good chance there may be a few moth balls in one pocket, and who knows what else in the others. That’s why Gran thought that warning about not accepting baggage from anyone else was actually a pretty good idea.

Now we’re ready to pack. What we take depends on where we’re going. Clothes, book bag, snacks and fun for the road, maybe an atlas for where the GPS runs out of pavement. And what about the other stuff we take along? At this point we get to repack our bags both literally and figuratively. This takes a lot of strength and wisdom, as we decide what to take with us and what to leave behind. Looking at the road ahead, we may undertake a huge spring cleaning of ourselves, our car, and our luggage, keeping this, organizing that, and recycling stuff we no longer need, like personal traits, family patterns, or cultural beliefs that no longer serve us.

Sometimes this is about letting go of an old dream about what home is and discovering what home means to us here and now – finding a new vision, Gran called it. Even if that means aloneness, or just who makes and what constitutes a family. Gran said we’ll want to leave all our comparing baggage behind so we can celebrate these other forms, and not just the bubbles we’ve come to think of as “reality” and how things must be.

With things we cannot change, if we want to travel light, we may redefine what these things mean to us. This takes a lot of courage, and it can take some growing up, and sometimes even redefining who we are and who we think we should be. That’s why this part of a journey may take the longest, ‘cause all this work takes time.

These are the fruits of maturity, Gran said, and someday I’d understand what that meant.

Eventually it will be time to load our suitcase, close the trunk, and hit the road. We don’t need to rush this. If we do, sooner or later we may find something we missed. On the other hand, we’ll also know if we’re stalling… not that Gran had ever done this. When the time is right, she said, we’ll know.

But for now, let’s take a look at what all those P’s were really about…
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