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December 21, 2010

Going Home, Excerpt: Billing Address (4/III)

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Chapter 4 – Billing Address
from Going Home, by Mary Batson

So where exactly had Gran’s green thumbs come from? I knew where my thumb came from, and I knew where it would be at bedtime, but I wasn’t sure about the whole green part ‘til Gran explained how our bodies come with all kinds of information installed in ‘em, like the operating systems on those new computer contraptions. Instincts, some called this, although Gran said there are lots of theories about where this knowledge originated – whether we inherited it from Mom and Dad or if it came from some big group memory, or maybe a super computer in the sky.

Gran thought it was a little bit of all of these. She said this meant not just our head-to-toes body and whether we’d have red hair and green eyes like I’d always wanted. This also included things like whether we’d be inclined to have allergies, to use our left or right hand, and whether we preferred chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Whether we’d play piano, the violin, or the radio – or even all three – was another set of options.

Beyond that, she said, this even included our emotions. In the beginning we tend to be generally happy and positive or sad and negative, partly based on what we inherit from our parents and their parents and their parents’ parents. Gran thought this was because we stew around inside our parents for so long we have lots of time to soak up the ways our moms and dads think and feel about themselves and life in general. 

It’s like the way we’re prone to be a certain weight as a grown-up, she said. We inherit this along with our bodies and bones and how fast the whole thing runs. There’s a set point our bodies recognize as home base. We can fight this all we want, but if we’re meant to be a size sixteen, we’re gonna have a lot of extra work if we keep trying to be a size twelve.

Gran said our emotions are the same way, although this doesn’t mean we have to be sad or happy, just because our parents were. No matter our inclinations, we get to make these choices for ourselves, as part of our free will. This may mean that overcoming sadness and finding joy in our lives – or vice versa, if you’re so inclined – may be one of our biggest lessons.

That’s why Gran liked to think of our birth home as our billing address – the people put in charge of our care when we arrived C.O.D., whether this meant our biological parents or other shapes and sizes of families or even an entire village. Of course, as Rule #5 pointed out, once we grow up, we’ll be the ones in charge of our care and keeping. Good old Mom and Dad – and everyone else, for that matter – will be off the hook.

This sounded like a lot of work and responsibility to me, but it also made sense, ‘cause it fit everything I remembered. It also explained why corn on the cob tasted so much better when Mom shaved it off in little pieces for me. That was my corn on the cob set point.

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