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December 7, 2010

Going Home, Excerpt: What’s It All About, Mikey? (4/I)

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Chapter 4.  Home Base – What’s It All About, Mikey? 
from Going Home, by Mary Batson

Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another. ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Now that we’ve considered the big picture, we can get down to brass tacks.

Every journey has a starting point – home base. Gran believed our original home exists somewhere far back before we were born, before I was Mikey, before she was Gran. And as near as she could figure, the whole point of being born is to officially enroll in our next grade in the school of life, in preparation for our ultimate journey, although she wasn’t yet sure just what that might be. Based on this, our reason for being here is to learn and grow, and everything we experience is part of that.

For starters, if we’re eternal and immortal beings, as Gran said her heart and those big books said we are, then it only stands to reason that must work both ways – frontwards and backwards – we always will be and we always were. I was good with that for from-here-on-out, but this brought up an interesting question: Where the heck were we before?

This was a little hard to grasp, but Gran had a dream one night that helped us understand, ‘cause it was in all colors and used short words. In the dream she was in a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful place, a place she knew was her One Real Home, and it was full of love, so much love it almost hurt, the kind of love that makes you cry with a smile on your face.

In this place she was surrounded by her real family, her real friends, familiar faces as well as a few new ones she didn’t recognize. Everyone was very busy, while Gran sat watching them, a little mouse in the corner. Gathered around a drafting table, heads down and foreheads wrinkled, they were hard at work drawing up a plan.

Gran, being mouse-sized, scrambled through their legs and up onto the table so she could see the blueprint they were working on. To her surprise, across the top she saw the words My Life. Then she looked over to the side and was even more amazed, because there she stood! A younger version, but no doubt about it, it was her – Gran There.

Things got even more interesting when she realized all these people were talking about her. They were in a planning session, a meeting she herself had called. Gran There was designing the life she intended to live as Gran Here-and-Now, and each person had a role, who they would pretend to be in this life for her, what character they’d play, what lesson they would help her learn.

Being Gran, she had a big list of things she intended to work on. Gran Here could see a corner of that list over Gran There’s shoulder, hanging on the wall next to another sheet that read Rules for the Road across the top. Squinting carefully, she read:

MY LIFE: Goals & Lessons
1. Patience
2. How to grow award-winning okra
3. Unconditional love
4. How to ride a bike
5. Trust with discernment

Gran couldn’t read below that line, so she sat back and listened as each person came forward to accept their assignment, signing their contract with her, the one they would fulfill in this life. One person was agreeing to be her dad, to hold the back of her bike so she could learn to balance. Another was agreeing to be her mom, to teach her how to fry okra. Those were the supportive roles everyone wanted.

But there were other roles – harder, trickier ones – like the person who agreed to break her heart. Why would she want someone to do that, I asked, ‘cause that didn’t sound so nice. But Gran said she understood in her dream that when she was young, she would trust too much, as children do, not listening to her budding instincts. To learn this lesson, she would have to have her trust broken. When her naiveté no longer served her highest good, Gran would learn to trust with discernment.

This role took someone special, someone who loved her enough to agree to hurt her, in a time and place when neither would consciously remember why this was happening. It takes a lot of love, Gran said, to do something like that for someone when you know they may end up hating you for it.

Some of the people in Gran’s dream agreed to stay on that other side, instead of coming here with the others. They could help her more from there, in ways Gran didn’t quite understand in her little mouse-form. She thought it had something to do with love and good vibes.

On and on it went, an endless parade of people who loved her, coming in to pick up their puzzle piece for this life that was to come, Gran There debriefing them on their tasks, each signing “Yes, I’ll do it.” At the same time, Gran was agreeing to do certain things for them, to serve these people in some way, like flying the plane for the guy who wanted to sky dive.

Gran didn’t want to leave, but her little mouse ran back into its hole, and POP! There she woke up, Gran Here, sitting in her bed, eyes big in the darkness, trying to remember everything from that list. But the memory was fading too quickly for her to jot down more than these few lines in the journal on her bedside table.

Gran said this was her most amazing dream ever. It helped her see her life entirely differently – her life, as well as each person and experience she encountered in it – because now each time something would happen, she’d stop and think: What was that contract we signed again? I agreed to this!?!? OK, what am I supposed to be learning here?

Gran hadn’t yet met the guy who wanted to sky dive. But she thought it was about time she got her pilot’s license, so she’d be ready.

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