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November 24, 2010

Going Home, Excerpt: Hope, Faith, Trust (3/VIII)

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Chapter 3 – Hope, Faith, Trust 
from Going Home, by Mary Batson

One thing about it: You can always go home. No matter what anyone tells you and no matter what you’ve experienced, take it from me (or my grandma, if you prefer): You can always go home. Like Gran would say, all that fear stuff we’ve heard about is so wrong she couldn’t even begin to tell us how wrong it is. But one thing she knew: Going home is all about the love.

It’s always this way, although sometimes we let our fears get in the way and make the whole thing into something it really isn’t. Like when it comes to our families – sometimes we don’t want to go to that home because we’re pretty sure it’s gonna be a short, sweet trip involving at least one small explosion. But in your real home – where people truly love you and support you in finding your own way, ‘cause everyone’s got their heads and hearts on straight – you don’t have to worry about being punished or raked over the what-you-did-or-didn’t-do-coals.

Life is funny, Gran often said. Sometimes it feels like we’re caught in a current when we think about going home. We fight so hard, struggling against the flow, just sure we know our own way. And yet the ironic thing is, if we could ever relax enough to let go of whatever we’re clinging to, that same current we’re fighting will sooner or later carry us home.

Sometimes it’s just around the corner, but as long as we keep up our endless and often pointless struggle, we’ll never realize that if we’d just turn and look downstreaminstead of up – we’d find we can already see the lights of home. It’s one of life’s great paradoxes: The hardest thing we have to do is also the simplest. All we have to do is let go.

We resist this, afraid something will go wrong or we’ll get hurt, or worse yet, our pride will get bruised. And here’s the thing: You never get that pain-free guarantee. Never.

But until you let go, you’ll also never be able to get home. So when you feel like you need to hang on to something – and we all have those moments – Gran said the best thing to hang on to is trust. Trust that everything is happening just as it should. And faith, that at some point – usually in the rearview mirror – you’ll be able to see this clearly. And hope, for what lies ahead.

When you hold on to these things, and only these things, it makes the ride so much easier. And sometimes, if you check the fine print down the side of your map, you may find it reads, “Don’t worry. It won’t take as long as you think.”

© Mary Batson, Going Home, Front Porch Rambles, and Gran’s Apple Butter Blog, 2010. All rights reserved.
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