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October 12, 2010

Going Home, Excerpt: Practice Makes Perfect (3/II)

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Chapter 3 – Practice Makes Perfect
from Going Home, by Mary Batson

I think Gran was an expert on going home because she’d had so many of them in her life. She’d moved a lot – for a while almost every year, following work where Gramps could find it. At first it wasn’t easy to feel at ease in each new place, but she soon figured out that the real moment she felt at home came when she went back to the same spot more than once.

When we head out somewhere, we can spend the night just about any place – a hotel, a haystack, a bus station. But if we come back to where we started often enough, especially after a Big Adventure, it begins to feel like home, and we start to recognize the feeling when we get there. It may not seem that way ’til we’ve left once or twice, coming back to unpack our bags in the same drawers we packed ‘em out of. But when we return that second time, our doubts begin to fade: We’re Home. It was home the first time, too – we just didn’t recognize it.

It can take years to feel that way if you don’t travel much, but the more often you come home, the faster and better you get at it – practice makes perfect, whether you’re flipping pancakes, playing the piano, or sitting on your own front porch. After enough moves, Gran said she could feel at home in just a couple of days, sometimes a few hours, ‘til even a trip to the grocery store would suffice. When she pedaled back in the driveway and walked in that front door she could look around, and everything that made that house her home was there – her heart, her family, and the few things she always took with her – a favorite book, a special stone, and the giant fern in the living room window.

That’s because the most important parts of home don’t come inside a box or from the roof you happen to sleep under, Gran said. That feeling of home comes from inside, you see. Just like a little box turtle, you carry your home with you, everywhere you go. Because Home is a feeling – a knowing, deep inside your heart. If you feel at home there, you can feel at home anywhere. And if you don’t, well, no fancy trinket or fluffy pillow will ever make up for that.

That’s why Gran had followed the old advice to lay up her treasures within, and she’d suggested I might like to do the same.

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